Structure of CHS Division

There are six sections in the CHS division namely CHS I, CHS II, CHS III, CHS IV, CHS V and CHS VI.
Sl. No. CHS Section Description
1. CHS I & CHS II CHS I & CHS II section deals with the work related to cadre matters of doctors belonging to GDMO Sub-Cadre.
2. CHS III CHS III section is responsible for the cadre management of Teaching and Public Health Sub-Cadre
3. CHS IV CHS IV section looks after the cadre matter of Non-Teaching Sub-Cadre and HAG level doctors.
4. CHS V CHS V section primarily deals with all policy matters of the CHS Division including framing and amendment of CHS rules from time to time.
5. CHS VI CHS VI section deals with the dental doctors working under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and work related to Annual Performance Assessment Report(APAR) of CHS doctors.

Background and History

The CHS Cadre is divided into four sub cadres namely; (i) Teaching Specialist, (ii) Non Teaching Specialist, (iii) Public Health Specialist and (iv) General Duty Medical Officer.

The total sanctioned strength of the Central Health Service as on 31.10.2022 is 4612. The sub-cadre-wise sanctioned strength of CHS as on 31.10.2022 is given below:

Sl. No. Sub Cadre Sanctioned Strength
1. General Duty Medical Officers 2305
2. Teaching Specialists 1547
3. Non-Teaching Specialists 706
4. Public Health Specialists 104
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